Partner With Gods

Establishing Devic culture as part of our day to day life may be considered as Quanto Shivo‘s highest contribution to humanity at this stage. He has created unique processes for invoking gods / goddesses. This is based on razor sharp insights born out of intense personal experiences that gods/ goddess are real and they represent the cosmic reservoir of creative qualities.

Once upon a time, these gods / goddesses were truly part of our lives and they worked in harmony with the humans to fulfil their noble objectives. However this connection was lost in low conscious times of Kaliyuga. In such dark times, Gods / goddesses merely became mythological figures and their worship became more and more ritualistic. These gods were worshipped in temples all across India, yet only very few had the real experiences of their presence.
No wonder, Hinduism lost its power and glory over passage of time.Consequent to his own esoteric experiences with these divine entities, Quanto Shivo has been creating invocation processes. As these devic energies have become active, it causes grand breakthroughs towards accomplishing noble objectives.These invocation processes are real experiences, and not just the blind belief and rituals.

Some of the invocation processes are: Ma Lakhsmi-Living in Abundance, Lord Ganesha-Freedom from Obstacles, Ashwini Kumars-the Miraculous Healing, Surya Deva-Shine like the SUN, Ma Saraswati-Pearls of Wisdom, Lord Varuna-The Unconditional Love, Lord Brahma-The Creative Intelligence. These invocation processes also highly effective towards imparting freedom from negative entities like ghosts and demons