(This article explores, if we are just the puppets in the hands of destiny or we have the free will to make the right choices and hence create our own destiny. Destiny v/s Free Will is a classic debate, which have been going on for many centuries now. Destiny and Free Will appear in total conflict to each other and hence one who stand for either, tend to harbor the opposition or even contempt for the other approach. This article is an effort to synthesize both and explains that destiny and free will are the two sides of the same coin. It provides an understanding of destiny and free will in such a way, which can help you to accomplish your core potential.)



Let me begin by looking deep into the concepts of destiny and free will and understand what they really mean. Many of us may out rightly reject the concept of destiny as we find it derogatory that our lives are not in our own control and someone called God sitting somewhere may be playing with our lives just for the sake of his own fun. Logical minds find it difficult to accept that we may just be puppets in the hands of destiny and it can make us dance to it’s own tune, even if we don’t wish to. However, many times we face such kind of crisis, which appears to pop up on it’s own without any faults of ours. In the aftermath of such periods, one is forced to accept the role of destiny, when a few of such incidents have taken place.


On the other hand, some of us swear and live in a way that it is destiny which is paramount in the way our lives shape up. Hence we refuse to take any proactive action as we believe that whatever is supposed to happen, will happen. So why make futile efforts. We may tend to backtrack on our action and drop the efforts if astrologers have predicted a difficult times for us and wait for good times to take the things forward. However, such kind of life can not be joyous and fulfilled. In our efforts to avoid the crisis, we shape our attitude in such a way which becomes the cause of agonies, fears, aimlessness, resignations and life becomes a bundle of dissatisfactions. Many times we may wish that we would have lived a better life if we did not believe in destiny, as astrology appears like a curse we have to live with.


If we observe our lives carefully; we may realize that both the views are correct. However the question remains, what is the relationship between the destiny and free will? Or at what point the free will is operating and when does the destiny takes over? What is that within us, which is the slave to the destiny and what is that which has the power to be the master? Let us try to understand this by way of an example.


Think of a seed of grape. What will this produce? Obviously – The Grapes. Now you may think that mangoes fetch better prices in market than grapes, and may want to get mangoes out of this. Can this produce mangoes even if you try really hard? Obviously – NO. isn’t it? So the destiny of this seed is to produce grapes and it can not be changes. Now another point to consider is- will every seed of grape produce grapes? Or will every similar seed of grape will produce same quality and quantity of fruits? Obviously – NO. Some of the seeds will just die without producing anything. Some of them will get infected by pests. Some will produce very little. But a few of them will reach their full potential and will produce the large amounts of the best possible quality grapes. The quality and quantity of grapes will depends upon the right nurturing, deeper understanding and appropriate action. This is free will and depends on our own efforts and intelligence.


Now let us look at our lives with reference to the above mentioned example. The biggest cause of the crisis in life is that we do not even know our seed. Our choices are not based on our own potential but they are dictated by benefits one can derive through the outer environment. Hence we may be carrying the seed of grape, but we try to nurture it as if it is the seed of mango, because the mango fetches higher price than the grapes. Such a fight with destiny only results in misdirected choices and wrong actions. Hence the first step towards living a great life is to identify our potential and to live life in tune with that. Astrology can be a wonderful tool towards this.


Next comes a strategy and deep commitment to provide the right circumstances. In the analogy of seed, you need to sow the seed in the right land. Grapes can not be sowed in desert, as it needs a lot of water. You need to provide the right nutrition and keep the diseases away by using the right pesticides. You need to provide the fencing to the sapling to save it from the roaming animals. You also need to understand the climate through the year, so that you can do the right thing at the right time. And when the fruit grows, you need to be aware to let them ripen to the right extent before plucking them. Then you also need to go to the right place, where you can get the best price for your produce. All this requires a deep understanding and the right action at the right time. This is where we exercise the free will.


Hence it is clear that there is no conflict between our destiny and free will. Destiny is our ultimate potential and free will defines the action we can take towards fulfilling our destiny. Astrology can be a great support to live your life by way of helping you to identify your own potential. It can also tell you about the nature of relationships with various people around you, and helps you grow through your social network. It can also warn you about the forthcoming challenges and arm you with that deep intelligence, which can transform them into opportunities. However, if one wants to master their destiny, Astrology should never be used as an excuse to avoid difficulties, as this will turn you into a puppet to your destiny. On the contrary, if you develop a deeper understanding of your potential and cultivate intelligence to make the right choice, your efforts will yield immense results. This is how Astrology can be a tool to master your own destiny.