Quanto Shivo, The Evolution Alchemist

Quanto Shivo’s path is about making quantum leaps of evolution possible. His key understanding is that cosmos longs to evolve. Since humans too are impregnated with the same cosmic possibilities, evolution is their key longing too.

It means that humans want to get better in all dimensions, more intelligent, more powerful, more beautiful, more rich and what not.

The spiritual path he teaches is very practical.

He exhorts that as we grow spiritually from within, we should also evolve in worldly dimension. He declares world as the divine mechanism designed for our soul to evolve, through its paradoxical experiences and challenges.

His Mission-Empowering Conscious People

His twofold mission is to empower conscious and spiritual people for worldly success and also turn each worldly experience as an opportunity for further quantum spiritual leap.

His work is very practical and spans all dimensions of life including career, money, love, sex, relationships, health, creativity etc. He firmly believes that for this world to be a better place, power and resources must shift to creative and conscious people, which are currently mostly concentrated in the hands of egoistic and manipulative people.

His work is not limited to one specific tool, rather he presents a beautiful bouquet, uniting multiple practices towards human empowerment.

His work is focused on all three levels of consciousness: transforming the subconscious , connecting to the superconscious, conscious choices for action.

Creator of Quanto Life

Quanto life is a path based on most modern scientific insights of quantum mechanics. Synthesis is the key technique, which not only takes you to the deep state of tranquility, but is also instrumental in creating miraculous breakthroughs in outer world.

Hence Synthesis is process beyond meditation, designed towards inner and outer evolution, beyond the scope of meditation. With the help of synthesis,the trials and travails of the world are transformed into the experiences of soul empowerment.

Some of the popular Synthesis processes include: Freedom from Sadness, Deleting the Failure Code, Abundant Living, From Fear to Love, Play your Heart Flute, Enough is Enough, Living in Gratitude.

Mansi Bhagdeo, Co creator of Quanto Life

Mansi Bhagdeo is the co creator of Quanto Life, a unique spiritual path for living an empowered life in today’s chaotic times.

She has played a key role in helping people discover their unique essence and integrating them into a cohesive community.

Her powerful intuition helps people discover their subconscious blocks and dissolve them. She has a gift of relating mythological characters and tales to people and real-life situations and applies their essence to resolve real life problems.

Mansi guides people to discover their unique fragrance by integrating tarot, astrology and psychic talents.

She expresses her longing for her Beloved Krishna and her mystical experiences through ecstatic poetry. With her mentor Shivo, she writes mystical stories of ordinary men and women who go through unprecedented events but their surrender to the divine, trust, love , intelligence, and creativity brings about transformation in not just their life but in all who their life touches.

Mansi also teaches Quantoyoga to both typical and special kids using storytelling, asanas, mindfulness, meditation and self inquiry to help them discover themselves.
She has a master’s in chemistry from Virginia Tech and a post graduate teaching license from George Mason University. She has taught high school chemistry including International Baccalaureate courses.

She currently lives in the beautiful valley of San Marcos in California.