Very very good enquiry , in fact the crux of today’s life.
To understand totality , we need to understand partiality . We are only partially involved and not totally involved.
Totality has many dimensions, which may get revealed over a period of time.
Whenever you do something where the soul is involved, you are total. If you are doing an act because of any compulsion, fear, greed, you can’t be total because soul is not involved.
When you do something in expectation of something else, you can’t be total. For example, if you do something for money, you can’t be total. You will see when you do something for money, quality of work will be poor and your work will not become an asset and that itself will block the future flow of money.
You may or may not be getting money from something, but you got to be total. If you are getting money, acknowledge it, be in gratitude, and work with totality, but not because you are getting money. Involve your whole soul into it. You will see that a whole different quality of work will emerge that will auatomatically attract money effortlessly.
Ok, so let me explain totality in different terms that will make it clear.
Totality is to feel that the work itself is the reward. The reason we can’t be total is because we look for some reward in future. For example if you are doing a color session, and you may be looking for some reward, for example fees, appreciation, referral or whatever else. But when you expect these you can’t be total because you are split between present and future.
However the totality will tell you that being right in this moment is the greatest reward. So just feel, you don’t have to work for any future, but right in this moments there are huge rewards. Can you feel the rewards right in this moment?
For example I am writing this message and I am total. I could have gone in future, expecting that it will change something in you. Well, in that case I get split. So I got to drop all those expectations. As I am just here, totally in this moment, I have access to deep intelligence, which could include, what might work for you and others who are reading this message. Well, I am not expecting any impact, and that is why I access a field that guides me towards an action that would have huge impact and reward.
Being split, you are trying to access your own potential. But as you become total, you start to access the cosmic potential. It begins to fill you. Every moment of totality transforms you, bring you closer to divine.
There is no need to expect rewards when you are in such field of intelligence. They automatically come, not because you try for it, but because life just gives you the gift you deserve. Stop trying to find your own rewards. Surrender to life and let life bestow you with the gifts that are most appropriate for you.