I was 7 when I did Deva Magic in 2018!! I said “Quanto Quanto Quanto” and did process for full 7 minutes for 21 days!! I had a gtube and ate only with videos before. No exceptions. But then after that, I stopped needing videos!! I do love videos mostly Marron 5 and Katie Perry but I don’t need it for eating.

I also stopped sleeping in crib! I never slept with Mommy and Daddy but now we do funny stories and cuddly wuddly & Night Night And I got the Soaring Eagle award!! That is best student of class for whole year !! And you know what? I still sleep with my soaring eagle medal most nights!!

– Ishan Sirpatil, San Diego-US


I had been stuck with a major problem for about 6 months back then, without realizing what was the problem. With the help of July Bootcamp 2017, my coaches and volunteers and Quanto synthesis practices I experienced a breakthrough when I finally discovered a deeply hidden trauma that lead to a certain repeating pattern in my life, leading to my almost bankruptcy and inner depression.

I realized, that even where I fear, I should fight for myself instead of going away. I love the soulful members of the Quanto Family.

– Leela Anne Witte, Germany


I have done this program 5 batches ago. It has helped me raise my consciousness and discover my unique potential. All along, before Quanto Life, my talents ended up being exploited leaving me high and dry, landing me in huge financial debts.

Deva Magic and sincere practice after that, I learned to connect with the vibrational field of the devas. Such soul empowerment started giving me the confidence of not only combating my own troubles but also inspired me to lend hands to others. Now I seem to effortlessly attract ecosystems that truly value and nurture me as I contribute to them. And I’m well in my way to come out of the financial mess that I had got into.

– Sandhya Bhide, Mumbai


Deva Magic has worked for me both inside as well as outside. On the inside, it has deepened my understanding of cosmic intelligence. This reflects in my improved communication, my enhanced and sharp readings during color analysis and my ability to work in larger, diverse, cross-cultural teams. On the outside, my career as a Color Analyst has received a big boost. The field has expanded manifold and I conduct a variety of workshops for parents, teachers, working professionals etc.

We took a bold step of setting up of our Sunshine Educare 4 years ago. However Deva Magic gave us tremendous settlement and we are able to overcome our losses since last one year.

– Dr Nutan Sawardekar, Mumbai


As a housewife confined to home and hearth, I faced several set back on personal front. I ran into almost depression – my health was not good, my hairs went on falling.

Deva Magic program helped me gain a stong feeling of self worth. I got courage to come out many of my inhibitions regarding online learning, and dealing with unknown people. I’m on my way to make a career as a holistic healer and astrologer after realizing my true potential. Quanto Family is my soul family!

– Preeti Govil, New Delhi


While deep within me, I always want to stand for what is right and true. However, I would often find a way so that everyone is happy with me and go the easy way. I found my true courage after I did the Deva Magic Program.

It was a series of miracle episodes when I grabbed the opportunity to organise a Diwali Mela in the month of October 2018 for my complex of 400 flats. So many miracles happened: every single stall space was sold out and 1200 people attended the event – a first for the colony! Everyone appreciated the work done and not a single complaint. I give all credit for the success of the event in spite of all the problems faced to the magic of the Devas showered on me!

– Nitika Sethi, New Delhi


So glad to have joined the program! As the mentors handheld me through the entire program, never had I experienced anything as magical as the synthesis processes. It not only helped me to resolve self-confidence and body image issues, but also dissolved the patterns that blocked me from living life to the fullest.

I am joining Deva Magic again. This time I want to work upon relationship issues
– Dirgha Sampat, Mumbai


Deva Magic by Quanto Life is a most advanced platform for self enquiry. I have been fortunate to be part of this program. I have received many profound insights for personal growth.

I realised a path to hone my talents through Kubera Invocation. Got to know about Mindspace, a true asset in 21st century! Be part of this scientific exploration based on individual experience

– Mukul Patil, Mumbai


Our ready made garment shop was subjected to intense negative anti social activity, including threats from goons, because of which there were no customers even during peak Diwali season, the busiest time of the year. As per Shivo’s guidance, I invoked the divine Sheshnagji through Quanto processes

Next day, we had the highest business of not just the year, but the most business in the entire six year history of our shop

– Atin, Ujjain


Deva Magic is my way of life since I did the program in August 2017. The lessons I learned are the lenses through which I , now, see the world. Partnering with Devas (Gods) and surrendering in a fearless environment have been the best take-aways for me. Even when my father who is diabetic and a hypertension patient had a health scare in the middle of the night, I could have the presence of mind to invoke the Ashwini Kumars and Lord Ganesha. Of course, I got support from Mansi too as well as encouragement from Quanto Family soul members.

Earlier I used to worry about my income sources but now that anxiety is almost not there. Devas are always around to help. It never happens that I call them and they don’t appear! Quanto Life is a truly empowered way of living

– Rashi Agarwal, Delhi


I’d been going through an inferiority complex issue. My major issue has been failure in relationships. In Deva Magic as I started doing synthesis I realized my failure in relationship is due to my own fears, self doubt, low self esteem. Until then, I always thought that because my parents compared me and stressed about me not doing good and not working on myself, my looks, etc due to which I had developed an inferiority complex.

The realisation, that it was their way of protecting me and loving me as they wanted the best for me liberated me. I’m now working well on myself and Thanks to Quanto Life, I’m in a much better place in life.

– Pina Udani, Mumbai


My journey with Quanto life has always been mesmerising from the word go. There has been a huge shift in my consciousness since the day I did my boot camp in May 2017. My whole individuality has become empowered due to the tsunami of awareness. I’m able to tap the known and the unknown.

Quanto processes helped me identify my inner issues and helped me bring solutions in outer world. I’m very satisfied and recommended Deva Magic wholeheartedly.

– Lalit Patodia, Mumbai


My journey with Quanto Life started with Deva Magic program of 2017. Quanto processes helped me dig deep through lot of layers and memories of my childhood got erupted. Since then a systematic clearing of blocks has been happening.

I have realised that such deep cleaning takes time and support. Now, I’m meeting the right people. Insights provided in the group are very useful which takes me into the journey of past to be complete with it and move on this not having it affect in present . Experiences have been painful but support of Quanto Commune has been immense.

– Rammohan Shetty, Mumbai


I have learnt how to integrate spirituality while living in this world through Quantology only. Doing the Deva Magic program made me realise that while other modalities just keep your focus on probing the subconscious mind, integrating it with cosmic energies is possible only through Synthesis. I got to have broader perspective of life and way to live, almost Deva-like, through Quantology.

– Sachin Bansal, New Delhi


My husband, a licensed Commercial Pilot with Air India faced severe financial crisis for 10 months. He faced rejection in every interview during this period, which made him feel dejected.

Unfortunately, I too lost my job meanwhile. We joined the 21-day Deva Magic with the kind help of a sponsor from Quanto Life. In 4 months, he got through as a commercial pilot with a corporate company!

We continued our Quanto practice everyday with total dedication. We will be happy to offer sponsorship to any genuine person in the February 2019 Deva Magic. Thank you to Quanto Life

– Velma & Prashant Adsul, Mumbai


One of the biggest psychic patterns I’ve dissolved so far is the way I relate to others I had been carrying a strong “feeling of not belonging” since my early childhood when I migrated to the US from Brazil; this affected my personal and professional life greatly!

Through working on this negative pattern daily for 21 days, I have been able to restore my self-love, self-worth, open communication with others and see the truth that I not only belong, but I’m also a leader and a role model at most things that I do! Needless to say, this has caused an amazing impact in my life and soul.

– Luciana, Boston-US


After 7 years of marriage I was diagnosed with blocked falopian tubes because of which I was unable to conceive. Around the same time Deva Magic programme began and I participated in it and continued the practice.

After several rounds of treatment for 4 months doctors advised us to undertake IVF. But the month the IVF was scheduled to begin, I conceived naturally and gave birth to my baby boy Arghya in September 2018. Even my pregnancy was very smooth. I always had support of my Quanto Family. It is truly a miracle bestowed by QVF.

– Punam Tripathi, Author Andaman & Nicobar


In midterms, 101 out of my 160 physics students at Central Academy, Lucknow, India failed. I conducted Quanto processes with my whole physics class. In the 2015 Standard 12 board finals, not one student failed. In fact, a record 156 students passed in first division in physics!!

As a School Principal I have introduced Quanto processes to 860 of my students for all education and extra curricular related issues. After that, the then education minister , Smriti Irani personally wrote to me for my leadership and managerial skills and the outstanding board performance of our students!!

– Archana Kalia, Principal, Central Academy Lucknow


When I joined Deva Magic last year, I had lost my father. My employment status was also very unstable. i was heading towards depressions. So I joined the Deva Magic session of 21 days. I did all the sessions religiously and got a lot of insights on a few past-life incidents and the most shocking and mysterious event was what my father wanted to tell during his last breaths.

I have been getting opportunities for improving career ever since my DM sessions.

For a long time, we were searching for a suitable girl for marriage and Deva Blessings showered in that area of my life too! Within 90 days, we met, liked each other, got engaged and married! Today after 5 months of blissful marriage we are on the family wave, as well.

I am blessed to find such selfless people in life as my guides and also have been given a lot of strength to sail me through tough times.

– Ashwin & Gauri Iyer, Mumbai


Preparing for my NEET 2019 took me away from family to Indore for the first time. Getting used to hostel environment was quite stressful as I faced severe adjustment problems with my roommates. I stared blaming myself for not being able to adjust myself and this started affecting my performance at the tests. I was really upset and could not find any solution. My mother guided me for the 21 day Deva Magic. With guidance from my coaches, I took up this issue in Synthesis and asked for help from the Devas.

Within the program period itself, I could experience the shift within me. And a solution that none of us had ever thought of emerged!! My experience has made me realise the power of the Devas, and I feel blessed and am now confident that I will prove my mettle in the entrance exam.

– Shashwat Gupta, Gurgaon

review1-compressor Deva Magic program has helped my growth and made me a lot more aware, loving and always creating!
Rio Kurniawan, Indonesia

review1-compressor Deva Magic helped me find and Be the MAGIC that i am and be more HAPPIIEEE than the Happy Me, spreading my pixie dust to wherever i go and whoever i talk to.and meet.
That is the magic of this programme.
I look forward to being a part of all the programmes to follow.
Anju Jain. New Delhi, India


Pranam everyone

Miracle happened for me too. I asked for my cousin whose report showed cancer. The next day she had test in tata hospital Mumbai…to my surprise and devas blessings her report was negative. It has not spread to other parts of body. One report is yet to come. She was not able to walk earlier as she had so much pain in her leg … yesterday o my god she was walking… after seeing her and hearing about the report I felt so much lightness in my body as something has released.. I am still rejoicing in joy…. since 2 months the girl was suffering … now the family is so happy.

Saying thanks seems very small word to me. Deep deep naman to maa durga and quanto field. Shivo sir , mansi everyone here. This is beyond what science can explain . I am just enjoying the bliss. Now only her small part is only affected in leg report is yet to come.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

– Quanto Life Member

Within 30 minutes of the completion of the process a miracle happened!!

I had decided to sell my old car that day and wasn’t expecting good price. But after the process within 30 minutes I received the call from two interested parties and the deal was done ✔ for more than my expectation!! This was no less than a miracle considering the economic condition outside due to covid!! Thank you Shivo and Quanto team and my beloved divine माँ दुर्गा for taking away my worries 💝😊🙏🏻

– Quanto Life Member