Success Sutra for Current Era of Ascending DWAPAR

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidences.” – Carl Sagan

‘Chaos’ is how we can define our current reality in just one word. Every sense of order that made us feel secure seems to be vanishing. Lifelong career or business doesn’t exist anymore, it morphs at hurricane pace, which can turn anyone obsolete in quick time. Strong family bonding and lifelong marriage are no more the structures one can rely upon. Shifting gender dynamics and subsequent growing conflicts between men and women has thrown our society in such a chaos; every efforts to resolve it, seems to create even more chaos. Recently unfolding era of knowledge has pushed money to a secondary status, this has decimated our wisdom that money can solve everything and hence should be the ultimate motto of living; most of the humans have no idea of how to cope with this magnum shift. With money losing its power and status, humans can’t look at acquiring money as a sure shot way of attaining happiness anymore, and humans are again at a loss to figure out any alternates.

We are into the times that are nerve wracking, yet exciting. Instinctively, we fear chaos; human history tells us that chaos is destructive. Yet, chaos also has the potential to catapult us into higher order of creation; Cosmos started with total chaos, since then it has evolved into the beautiful order we experience today.

Hindu Yuga CyclesPointer to the Original Cause of Chaos

This book traces this chaos to the clash between the established traditions of the past and newly awakened human longing to create the new future. Hindu Yuga cycles of 24,000 years, which are nothing but the cycles of consciousness variations, clearly describe the paradigm shift that happened just three centuries back. Modern astronomical hypothesis links Yuga cycles with Sun Sirius cycle, which has already been described metaphorically in Egyptian mythology.

Whatever we have known as the history or even mythology showcases how consciousness continuously deteriorated over past 12,000 years of descending phase of Yuga cycle. It meant that past was better than the future, hence humans developed tendency to get attached with the glorious past. It also provided the easy way to resolve our conflicts; just refer to the past wisdom hidden in religious scriptures and traditions and apply it to present set of problems. No wonder, humans got more and more conditioned to follow the past as the only way to live an empowered life. As human life continued to deteriorate with passage of time, humans developed the belief that future was going to be worse and hence survival became almost the sole motto of living.

Future is Better than PastNew Paradigm of Ascending Yuga

Kaliyuga, 2400 years long lowest consciousness period, ended with the onset of 18th century, and earth ushered into the era of Ascending Dwapar. In the era of rising consciousness, dynamics of life reversed; now future is better than the past. Hence following traditions became restrictive, it could no more resolve the problems; creating new possibilities was the only way to move forward. Britain was the first mover, adapting to this new reality, and that small island nation ended up creating largest ever known empire on earth. Britain could capitalize on the spirit of ascending Dwapar because it collectively dropped its past; its turning point can be traced to replacing traditional Catholic Church with newly created Protestant Church. While Catholic Church prosecuted, punished and executed the scientists, for revealing the scientific facts that went against the “final truth” as mentioned in Bible, Protestant Church did not interfere. This turned Britain into the hotbed of new technological discoveries that powered a small island nation to establish its rule over nations that were not ready to let go of their attachment with glorious past. US, a nation founded with ascending Dwapar spirit, with almost no past have quickly risen to become the global superpower.

It is incredible to note that while non-believer Jews, who dropped their religious past, emerged as pioneers in ascending Dwapar; Orthodox Jews, who are still looking for solutions in their religious texts, are lagging far behind. While atheist Jews have won more than 200 noble prizes for science, Orthodox Jews, who are bigger in numbers, have won less than 10. Evidence is clear; prospects of a nation or religion in current era is almost entirely determined by the degree of freedom it has attained from its traditional past.

Era of Accelerating CreationIrrelevance of Ancient Wisdom and Morals

During Kaliyuga humans could only perceive gross material things; our understanding of power was limited to brute physical forces of humans and animals. However, as Kaliyuga ended and Dwapar arrived, humans could perceive subtle energies at the core of life. Advent of electricity was the first major change we experienced; it catapulted humanity from matter centric to energy centric era. Kaliyuga emphasis on gross matter as the ultimate reality further collapsed with famous Einstein’s mass energy equation (E=MC2); all matter is nothing but the condensed energy.

As Ascending Dwapar consciousness got grounded, fast paced creation replaced the long Kaliyuga period of destruction, survival and struggle. Whole life began to evolve quickly, which had deep impact on career and businesses. As the pace of change accelerated to humongous levels, traditional approach of focused planning can no more sail us through. Only if we can inculcate immense diversity and intuitive insights, we can continuously morph and flow with the unfolding vistas of seemingly vast opportunities. Even though we long to embrace the newly awakened creative opportunities, yet our insecurities compel us to follow the ways prescribed from the past. Similarly, new consciousness of sexual freedom entices us, yet we often lament loss of traditional sexual morals and blame it for the collapse of security we used to find in marriage and families.

Our society, still in the grips of traditions, often abhors the unraveling of modern times and advocates going back to the traditional ways of living. However, the truth is, old morals won’t work anymore; those were put in place to ensure that humanity survives the phase of descending consciousness. Ascending Yuga demands non-restrictive morals that can take the humanity to consistently higher creative peaks.

From Ancient Religious Worldviews to the Current Quantum Worldview

During descending phase, we believed in the worldview almost entirely provided by various religions. With descending of consciousness, these worldviews too kept deteriorating. Hindu religion, founded at the peak of consciousness, remained flexible; it assimilated diverse worldviews at various phases of Yuga cycle, causing it to flourish for a long time. Yet it floundered during Kaliyuga because it refused to include the more recent worldview Buddha had offered. Had it not rejected the Buddhism, it probably would have crossed Kaliyuga too with shining glory. Fact that almost all the Buddhist nations escaped foreign enslavement, including China and Japan, is an evidence for that. Yet, of all the ancient religions, Hindu Dharma is the only one that has survived till present; ancient Egyptian and Greek religions were almost entirely wiped out with the onslaught of recently founded Kaliyuga religions: Christianity and Islam.

Towards the end of Kaliyuga, a new world worldview had emerged, founded on Newtonian Science. It was in complete contradiction to all the previous worldviews that were offered by various religions. It was purely matter centric; it did not need God to explain the world. With the advent of electricity in ascending Dwapar, the Newtonian worldview too morphed from matter centric to energy centric but it still had no place for consciousness. By the dawn of 20th century, new Quantum worldview had begun to emerge; it has been becoming ever more consciousness centric.

Each of the religions is finding it difficult to cope up with the newly emerging worldviews. While Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection shook the roots of Christianity and Islam, Buddhism finds it difficult to cope up with inflationary model of cosmos. Even though Hindu Dharma has been largely compliant with these modern worldviews, it still needs to shed lot of past for it to retain its relevance with emerging future.

Era of Plasmic ChaosGrandest Challenge for Human Evolution

Just 20 years back, our solar system entered into the highly plasmic zone of the galactic equator, as ancient Mayans had prophesied long back. As earth began to get bombarded with huge plasmic energy, electrical conductivity of environment got multiplied manifold. It integrated the whole humanity into one collective whole through technology such as internet. Human evolution accelerated to a whole new level; just in 20 years we have created more knowledge than all the accumulated knowledge of past 5000 years. Yet this Plasmic inflow has also posed the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. Plasma is now entering human aura, igniting the destructive volcano like forces hidden in individual and collective subconscious, giving rise to instantaneously triggered social, national and religious mega conflicts. Undirected intense plasmic flow, unabsorbed by earth’s electromagnetic field, is giving rise to natural disasters that are becoming ever more intense. The whole of the humanity now faces an existential crisis.

Application of 50 years consciousness cycle along with astrological cycle to the current state of world affairs predicts an unprecedented golden era in next 25 years, yet the Plasma poses the greatest challenge humanity has ever encountered. Hindu Dharma, the only evolution centric religion in the world, provides us with the understanding that challenges are the fuel for evolutionary mechanism. If humanity can cross this Plasmic challenge, it will collectively evolve into the race of super humans, as envisaged in ancient Hindu scriptures. However, our failure would mean that human civilization, once again, would be swallowed by the fury of nature in not too distant future.

QuantumThe Path for Golden Future of Humanity

The matter centric Newtonian worldview can no more grapple with this new Plasmic reality; it has now given way to Quantum worldview that holds consciousness at the core of world affairs. It not only resonates with ancient Hindu wisdom as mentioned in Upanishads, Vedas and Puranas, but it has even gone beyond it. Hindu wisdom did not include understanding of subconscious dissolution, for the obvious reason that it was founded during high conscious times when subconscious hardly existed; even though Buddha offered this opportunity later, but Hindus refused to assimilate this.

Quantum Observation integrates diverse Hindu and Buddhism wisdom into one whole. Enhanced Plasmic flow has also meant that plethora of Hindu gods and goddesses, that only existed in mythological realms till recently, can now be vividly experienced and accessed. Quantum observation can even assimilate these Deva vibrational fields into the worldly dimensions. It opens up the miraculous possibility where humans and Gods together in partnership can sail us through the current challenge, leading us into the quantum leap of evolution. It can quickly dissolve the painful Kaliyuga past stored in collective human subconscious leading to enhancement of electromagnetic field to such an extent that the earth can absorb the excess plasma. Rising electrical conductivity then will no more be a threat, but would become the great tool for evolution, that can transform humans into super-humans. Quantum promises to be the new religion that can not only take us through the Plasmic challenge, but opens up the path for golden future of humanity.

This book serves as the lighthouse in this period of chaos. It describes consciousness (scientifically speaking, the Electromagnetic Field) as the sole determining factor for chaos to be either creative or destructive. It takes readers through a process, by which they can identify how past is holding them back from creative leaps of evolution, and provides the new Quantum understanding by which they can consistently keep creating the new future. It infuses scientific Quantum insights into ancient Hindu understanding, turning it into the most potent tool that can resolve every problem world is facing today. It introduces the Quantum Spirituality, which harnesses the immense possibilities of chaos and transports us into the exciting world of leaping creative evolution.


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