Let’s understand what comes up automatically. So we have seven bodied.
1. Gross body
2. Subtle / energy body
3. Emotional / mental body
4. Causal body
5. Bliss body
6. Unique cosmic body
7. Oneness body
Now almost all spiritual practices today deal with second body. Now whenever we face difficult situations in life, the third body emotional body begins to shake and some of the stuff comes to second. That set of emotions are available for you automatically without looking for them in any meditation practise. You may feel peaceful when you have dealt with them. However again something will happen in life and more stuff will come up from third body and this is an ongoing process.
Synthesis is a practice that takes you straight into fourth body, the causal body. We use the energy of third body, the emotional body, and thorough this we reach the phsychic structure that are the source of emotions.
So when you don’t look for emotions, you will still clean up. But when you look for them, the clean up will be 100 times deep.
I have had people in my session who have been in meditation for long time. They insist that they don’t carry any imprints. Yet I request them to explore. And then they report that they actually find very deep imprints and when the clean up happens, they go into the state of empowerment , they have never witnessed before.
There are so many in commune who have experienced many meditation processes before but when they begin synthesis, a whole new world of creation and empowerment opens up for them.
Meditation takes you to the state of peace and joy, but Synthesis goes much beyond and you also reach the state of empowerment and creation.