I am sure, you would have enjoyed watching video clip of Free Seminar on Past Life Regression which was conducted by Osho Shivo at Rajkot on February 4, 2011.

In continuation to this free seminar, the next day, i.e. on February 5, 2011, we had organized a workshop on “Stress Busting“, which was specially meant for the participants of workshop on Past Life Regression which was to be held the next day, i.e. February 6, 2011.

Here below is the video clip of “Stress Busting” workshop, you can see participants doing dynamic meditation, experiences of participants – such as witnessing total joy, listening the humming sound of AUM, existence of spirit guide, past life regression etc.

Details of this workshop:

Date: February 5, 2011
Venue: Motel The Village, Rajkot (Gujarat – INDIA)
Subject: Workshop on “Stress Busting”
Mentor: Osho Shivo
Organizer: Devang Vibhakar & Babulal Chauhan