In astrology, YOU are considered the reference point for your chart, the center of your horoscope. The snapshot of the heavens around you at the moment you draw your first breath and the progression of those astrological planets is cast as your HOROSCOPE.

The Sun and the Moon appear to be the brightest and the biggest heavenly bodies ain the sky as seen by us and exert the most influence on us. The apparent orbits of the sun and moon around us intersect at two places

  • the intersection at the north is called Rahu or North Node
  • the intersection a the south is called Ketu or South Node.

Rahu represents the aspect of Shakti called Maya. This is the place in your horoscope where your soul is starting a NEW journey in this life. The face of Rahu and Maya is very “Mohak” alluring and tempting. Here, life seduces you, life wants to engage with you, Life entices you to explore !!
In Sat yug or in a mind where there is very little subconscious, Rahu is the shakti that inspires us to explore the world, and the more we explore it , the more it engages us ….in awe and wonderment, it draws you to the world in a myraid of ways.

It is Maya, the Shakti, who draws the ascetic Consciousness, from his samadhi, from inner contemplation …
She merges into this Shava, making Him Shiva.

Consciousness enters into the energy matrix, the divine union creating the COSMOS.

However, in this age, with our mind ruled by subconscious fears, Ra tends to make us confused and wander; it can make us more engulfed, entangled, enmeshed, overwhelmed.
Rahu is always placed exactly 180 degrees apart from Ketu. If Rahu is at 20 degrees in 1st house, Ke will be at 20 degrees in 7th house.
Rahu is the head, the ego, separated from the body.

If Ra is in your 3rd house, you would be starting a journey into a new form of communication or expressive arts such as writing, painting or theatre, you may have the courage to start new ventures and entrepreneurships, new adventures in travel and sports.

But if your subconscious is strong and you are ruled by subconscious desires, you might dabble into one unrealistic idea after other, perhaps get attracted to quick money risky schemes or at worst immoral/ unethical shady schemes. You may want to pick up an adventure sport or a expressive hobby because you are jealous of the attention your friend receives in it, you may be driven to try dare devilry in sports to feed your ego, hunger for accolades.

Ketu represents Shiva, pure consciousness. Where Ketu is placed in your chart is the place and the dimension that you have explored, engaged and experienced in your previous lives and your journey is reaching its culmination. You are now being delivered the Final Lesson. The introductory lesson in a dimension is given by Maya/ Rahu, the final by Ketu, Shiva Himself.
In mythology, many secrets of Ke in the form of the Formless Shiva are revealed. Shiva lives in the cremation grounds with the ghouls and ghosts, he wears and sits on the hide of a dead tiger, wearing “bhasm” or asj that is all that is left after life has left the body and the body is destroyed.

So Ketu is the Eternal Truth that remains after ALL is taken away—It is THAT which cannot be taken away.

Ke is headless so it has to perceive the world not through senses but by what is beyond the senses….the pyschic/ the intuitive world.

If Ke is in your 7th house, then you may have experienced that your marriage is not what you had expected it, you may get fewer opportunitites for marriage, it may not be as tempting to you, you may experience crises there and possible bitterness and yet if you can surrender your ego, surrender all your expectations/ notions/ conditionings, you cna still experience the deep intimate companionship to the other, the Union even if it is momentary, it will be embedded in your soul and a part of your Eternal existence.

I invite you all to inquire into this dance of Rahu and Ketu with us.

This post has been born through the Grace of Quanto Shivo, and my EMA friends.