Friends we were having discussions on unconditional love. I just realised, that such a love would be a disaster in today’s world. People will just take advantage of such a person left and right.
Hence one should have expectations in love. However, those expectations should come out of evolutionary longing and not from identify issues.
So have expectations from your lover/ spouse, that takes both of you on the next level. Also offer from side that again takes both of you again to higher orbit. Such a love would be truly miraculous. So let’s drop our expectations of unconditional love. Let us respect the expectations of other person as long as they are taking both and everyone involved in your life to the next level. Also be very prompt and eager to offer from your side what could be evolutionary.
There was a time I used to wonder why devas are behaving in transactional manner and not in unconditional manner. And than I realise that this is what they have to do in present turns, where people are so selfish.
If devas are unconditional propel will relish their blessings and will do nothing in return. So deva consciousness would not spread. And since it is need of the hour to spread deva consciousness very quickly, they decided to go transactional. So when you make any contribution to their cause , they become happy and they bless you with multiplier effect. And when you stop making contribution, they too just withdraw. So when even devas are conditional , why expect unconditional love from humans.
As I was discussing with you, if you only give, without asking anything, you would get surrounded all over by suckers and exploiters. They know, you want nothing in return so they just exploit you. There was a time, I was also surrounded by such suckers all around me and life was a hell. I always used to think, what to ask for, because I really did not need anything. So it was a heyday for all exploiters.
So then a deep insight happened. I realised, even if I don’t need anything, someone somewhere need something. So anyone who came to ask for my help, I asked them to help someone. Then they realised that even if I am not asking anything from them, it’s not free because they will need to do something to someone.
This simple understanding changed my life. All beggars disappeared and kings and royals appeared. I then got surrounded with so many generous people, everything started to grow.