What is Synthesis?


Typically the word ‘synthesis’ means an act of combining separate ideas, beliefs,styles etc.The synonyms are :

Synthesis serves two important causes:
*Combining Ideas
*Allowing Evolution.

In Quanto Life, the act of ‘synthesis ‘ takes up a higher meaning. Synthesis means the integration of Multiple Vibrational Realities. The knowledge of this process had descended on Shivo, the founder of ‘Quanto Life’ in the state of deep samadhi.

In Shivo’s words, Synthesis dissolves the ego and integrates its energy with our soul. Through synthesis process, the burden of past karmas dissolve and they become a part of our Unique Talent. When the vibrations of our past karmas are observed, the vibrational boundaries dissolve and integrate with our Superconscious nature. This sets us free from the troublesome patterns of life, imparts bliss and makes us into the cosmic channels for creative manifestation.

In Synthesis process,
the shakti of our subconscious patterns, merges with our own shiva consciousness. This Shiva Shakti synthesis not only helps us discover our unique potential, but also synchronize our life with cosmic flow.Thus enabling us for great accomplishments with minimum efforts.